Tolkien Collectors began in late 2015 as CollectAThing, a site run by Lily Milos which focused on all types of collections. In February 2016, Lily, Myla, and I started the TolkienCollectors account on Instagram, where we feature our own collections as well as user-submitted images.

In addition to these two accounts, we all have own social media accounts and blogs. In an effort to consolidate posts, the Tolkien-related posts from CollectAThing and collection-related posts from my personal blog have all been cross-posted here.

It is our hope to grow into a reputable resource for other Tolkien collectors. We always appreciate feedback so we can learn how better to serve the community; and we’re always looking for contributors and guest posts! Feel free to visit our Contact page to address any questions, concerns, etc.

And of course, we’d like to thank you for stopping by our website and for following our posts on Instagram.