Pontus Presents Shows Off The Hobbit Deluxe Edition

There are some beautiful deluxe editions of Tolkien’s works that are still in print, but before you drop a lot of money on an expensive book, you want to make sure that it’s worth the price.

If you wanted a closer look at the HarperCollins Deluxe Edition of The Hobbit (first published in December 2004), you’re in luck! A YouTuber called Pontus Presents has taken the effort to show off their copy of the book.

ISBN 978-0-00-711835-9

Pontus Presents lists the following pros:

  • A good quality slipcase that is much thicker than the average slipcase
  • Great front cover
  • The runes on the cover can be seen through a hole in the slipcase, making for a nice display
  • Tolkien’s Mirkwood art on the front endpapers (just like The Professor wanted)
  • Includes colored illustrations and notes by Tolkien
  • Very thick white paper: “one of the best papers” used
  • Fold out copy of Thrór’s Map
  • The Map of the Wilderland used as the back endpapers
  • Binding is sewn and not glued

However, there are the following con:

  • The binding is extremely tight, making it difficult to keep the book open (Pontus surmises that earlier printings might not have had the same issue)

After giving this edition a thorough review, Pontus absolutely recommends this particular book, calling it the “ultimate” edition of The Hobbit.

Pontus plans to continue this series with more Tolkien books published by HarperCollins and encourages feedback and questions in the comments of the video. Make sure you subscribe to Pontus Presents on YouTube to stay up-to-date with other Tolkien Collection videos!


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