Josh Long Reviews Weta Workshop’s Minas Tirith

There are so many beautiful statues, figures, and replicas that it can be a bit daunting for Lord of the Rings collectors. Thankfully, there’s someone like Josh Long who has been collecting Middle-earth merchandise for a long time and can lend his expertise!

Josh’s latest review is of Weta Workshop’s Minas Tirith Environment. He first spotted this piece at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015, and in the video below, he explains that he was “amazed at the detail that the sculptor Leonard Ellis was able to put in to this piece,” calling it Weta’s “best environment piece.”

He goes on to say, “I think it is a step above a piece like the Danbury Mint Minas Tirith, which is a really good piece, it’s just this has that Weta touch. And I think that if you’ve paid attention to Weta’s pieces and you collect them like I and many others do, you know that means that you’re getting something that is next level quality.”

Now that you’ve fallen in love with it, what about that $600 price tag? “It’s one you’ve got to save up for,” Josh says, “but the price to get something like this is worth it if you’re truly into environments, if you really love the Gondorian culture, if you like just how beautiful Minas Tirith was in the movies. I think this is one that you want to get.”

If you agree with him, you can still order Weta’s Minas Tirith on their website for now, but there are very few left in stock!


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